Home Groups

The church is more than people who happen to believe the same thing and show up to the same place at the same time once per week. When Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead, he reconciled us not only to God but also to one other. For this reason, we believe that our faith is to be lived out in loving relationship and community with one another. One of the ways we do this is through home groups.

What to Expect at Home Group

Home groups are a small gathering of people (usually no more than 10 or 12) that meet in a home hosted by someone in the group. The primary goal of home groups is that people would encourage and help each other know and follow Jesus. To do this means that we seek to build genuine relationships with each other, pray with and for each other and study the Bible together.

If you are interested in participating in one of the following groups, please contact the leader of the group.

Home Group Schedule


When: Wednesday @ 7 PM (arrival) 7:30 (start)
Where: #13 820 McKenzie Road (Gerald and Jan Dirksen)
Leader: Gerald Dirksen – (250) 469-4203


When: Wednesday @ 7:30 PM
Where: 1886 Horizon Drive, West Kelowna (Dale and Sandy Baldwin)
Leader: Dale Baldwin – (250) 212-8668


When: Wednesday @ 7 PM
Where: 2890 Gosnell Rd. (Ron & Denise Woods)
Leader: Brad MacBeth – (250) 859-4817