Sunday Mornings

What should I expect on Sunday mornings?

We strive to keep it simple. We spend time worshipping through music and song as well as through prayer and communion. We take it slow, not rushing to get through the service, instead we try our best to be intentional about being a community rather than strangers who attend the same church. One of the ways we do this is by taking time for a coffee break at the end of our service. We do this because we believe that we are a family in Christ and that healthy families know one another and spend time together.

Because we are a non denominational church, we are an eclectic mix of people from various faith backgrounds as well as those who are checking out Christianity for the first time.


We teach through the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book. We do this because we believe that the Bible is the word of God and that we need to hear the whole council of God in order to know him better and discern his will for our lives.

What about my kids?

Children are a blessing and we strive to teach kids about God in a fun, safe and engaging environment. We offer classes for kids ages 0 to grade 6.

We believe that it is good and healthy for families to worship God together. Because of this we do not dismiss children for Sunday school until just prior to the pastor’s message. However, there is a play room with a change station for parents and their babies or toddlers which is available for the entire duration of the service.